Our puppy's first Halloween


Guest post written by Carol Ann Lewis

I know that a lot of people make a really big deal out of their child's first holidays. Well now that I'm a parent of a puppy, I want to make sure that his first holidays are really special. Also, it really helps to have some fun with making some really cute puppy pictures! I decided that I should definitely dress my puppy Rex up in a little costume for Halloween to at least take a couple of pictures in. Then I remembered that my niece was having a Halloween party too so I thought that it would be a treat to bring my costumed puppy along too!

I looked online to find the perfect little dog costume for him and while I was doign that, I ran across some info on tv and internet packages. When I read through it, I decided to change over my home service to one of them. I found the cutest little small dog Halloween costume for Rex! It's actually one that's of a T-Rex. I thought it was only appropriate and he was the biggest little hit at that Halloween party!

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