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Cafe Well is a new website I learned about today that is trying to combine social networking with healthy living.  Cafe Well is free to join so I joined the site today to explore what they offer.  So far I have seen some really interesting things.  I like the idea of challenges.  When you join a challenge, you are connected to other people participating in the same challenge.  All members in the challenge can communicate and support each other so that you all succeed.
If you’re a member of HealthAmerica, you may be able to join The Race to the Moon program! Click below to see if you are eligible to register for the program. If you are, you have the opportunity to order a wireless pedometer and have the chance to win great prizes.
I'm not a member of HealthAmerica so I can't be sure what exactly it is, but I can tell you what I see about Race to the Moon.  It looks like an incentive program over the social aspect of Cafe Well.  Besides helping each other get healthy, you'll also compete for prizes.

Cafe Well takes a bit of exploring to find something that will interest you.  When I first looked at the site, I wasn't sure if I'd find something interesting, but I kept looking before writing my review.  They have discussion groups for most major health issues.  You'll be able to connect with people like you to trade secrets to getting healthy.  Users can also create blogs to share progress, tips, and more.

One of the cool ways to connect is to create your own challenge for people to join.  If I was to create a challenge, it would be eating healthy without paying a fortune.  Does anyone else notice it's always the junk food that has coupons and the healthy food that keeps raising prices?

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