$13 for 5 Big Macs and 5 Large Fries (Vouchers Never Expire)


Living Social has a great national deal today. For $13, you will get a voucher book with five Big Mac coupons and five large fries coupons at McDonalds. The coupons will never expire and you can use one of each at each visit.

Please note that it is valid at participating locations and some McDonald's will refuse to accept them.

Voucher booklet contains ten (10) separate tear-away vouchers. Individual tear-away vouchers do not expire • Limit one per purchaser • Voucher booklet will be sent via first-class mail and should be expected to arrive within two weeks after purchase • Purchaser agrees and acknowledges that the mailing address confirmed at the point of purchase will be provided to a third party vendor for fulfillment only and will not be used for any other purpose • May be used over multiple visits • Limit one Big Mac voucher and one Large Fries voucher per store visit per customer (all visits to same restaurant within two-hour period constitute single visit) • Vouchers valid at any participating US location • Be sure to mention your LivingSocial voucher before placing your order


Seasea said...


If you purchased... next time share you link through the post that way if three people buy you get yours free! Makes for an even better deal!

Cori said...

Yeah, that is actually my referral link. I don't eat Big Macs, but I still like to pass the deals to my readers.

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