Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol


Sadly I was busy the night of the screening for Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, but I won't have to wait much longer. IMAX is running a promotion where the film will be released a week early at select IMAX screens across the nation. This means that it's already showing because the national release is Friday, December 23, 2011.

From what I've heard from some friends that were able to attend the screening, it is amazing in IMAX. Additionally, the trailers for the IMAX release includes a six minute preview of the upcoming Batman movie. Reviews state those six minutes are worth the ticket price. As soon as I get a chance to see it, I'll let you know if that's true.

Make sure you like IMAX on Facebook because they are always running contests for free tickets.

Disclaimer: This post was made though a promotion on MyBlogSpark. By posting about this IMAX screening, I have been entered to win a set of IMAX movie tickets.


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