Tipsy Tow Offers Drunk Drivers a Free Ride Home


From 6pm on December 31, 2011 until 6am January 1, 2012, AAA will provide you and your car a free tow home. In a promotion called Tipsy Tow, AAA wants to keep drunk drivers off the road this New Years. Just call 1-800-222-4357 (800-AAA-HELP) and they will give you a free tow up to 10 miles.

To make this program work, AAA is offering the free tow to any drunk car owner so you do not need to be a AAA member. I can't find a direct link on AAA's website, but after seeing a friend post it on Facebook I did a Google search of "AAA Tipsy Tow" and there are tons of links.

I will try to contact AAA tomorrow to confirm this program and I will get back to you before New Year's Eve.

Update: After continued searches I found the following press release about Tipsy Tow from AAA. It is individual areas that are organizing this life saving program.

AAA goes on to link to the DUI Justice Link which lists different programs by state. Check it out before you head out to see what programs are available for you.

Remember: The safest choice is to have a designated driver selected prior to going out but these programs are there to help if you need it. Please do not drive drunk.


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