How to Host a Low Cost Superbowl Party


Superbowl Sunday is coming and just because you're hosting a party doesn't mean you have to go broke. Check out some great ways to cut costs without cutting the fun.

Decorate from the dollar store
- Dollar stores are great for party supplies. You can buy table clothes, serving plates, plastic ware, and more. My local store even had football shaped chip and dip serving plates. Just don't go overboard. Buying a banner that says "party's here" is cute, but you don't need one on each door and enough balloons to lift the house from UP.

Make your own snacks - Sure it would be easy to buy a veggie platter, but it's cheaper to just chop your own vegetables. It doesn't stop there. If you like pigs in blankets (hot dogs wrapped in dough) you can buy a frozen box but it will be over $10. Buy hot dogs and crescent roll dough. Wrap the hot dogs and slice. Follow the instructions for the dough to bake.

Check out pizza deals - Different places will be offering different specials. Make sure you check out the Super Bowl specials before placing your order.  Now's also a good time to make sure you're registered for Papa John's reward program.  If the fans correctly call the coin toss, you'll get a free pizza and Pepsi Max.


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