Mobile Coupon for $2 Zap Pack at Regal Theaters


Regal theaters has a great mobile coupon available this week on their Facebook page. Head over and enter your phone number to get a text message for a $2 zap pack at Regal Theaters. The text message will have a link to an individual one time use barcode. The coupon is good until January 15, 2012.

If you've never bought a zap pack, it's designed for kids but anyone can buy it. Normally around $5-6, this product includes a small popcorn and small soda which is perfect to enjoy the movie without spending $20 at the concession stand. I recommend saying no ice in the soda. It's cold out of the fountain, and you'll get more because they cup won't be packed with ice.

Make sure you enter your cell phone number on their Facebook page before heading out to the theater because you can't do it from the Facebook app.


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