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Have you ever been trying to shop for something and found it difficult to keep track of the different items at different stores?  I'm currently redesigning my bedroom and I've found blankets at more stores than I can count. Now you have clipix to help.

Clipix is a tool that you can add to your toolbar that allows you to "clip" pictures from a website.  Even better is that it remembers the site you clipped the image from.  You can leave comments when you clip the image so you can remember the price and possible coupon codes.  I noticed that sometimes it remembered the price on its own, but I didn't see it list the price on my clipboard.  You can also clip articles to read, but I didn't try this feature out.

Clipix knows that people like to multitask so you can set up multiple clipboards.  I currently have one for blankets, one for headboards, and one for dressers.  Hopefully by the time I'm finished, I will have a beautiful new bedroom because I was able to shop multiple stores at once.

I didn't like the fact that I needed to have the bookmark toolbar open to use this tool because I have a custom toolbar I modified already open.  The need to open an additional toolbar increased the size of my heading and shrunk the size of my window.  If you already use your bookmark toolbar, this won't be an issue for you.

To see more about Clipix, check out this video from YouTube.
How can you use Clipix to help organize yourself online?  Set up a free account and check out the site today.
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