Have You Synced Your AMEX With Social Networks?


I know it sounds funny but I never realized a credit card could actually save me money. Ever since I opened my American Express, I have been racking up some great deals.

Link > Like > Love helps you save when making specific purchases. It requires you to link your American Express card with a Facebook account. If you're worried, check out the American Express website first for their FAQs about the app.
Allowing the app permission to your information, including your friends information, and linking your Card will only be used so that American Express can provide you with an exclusive, customized list of deals within Facebook, and send statement credits to your Card account when you meet offer criteria. It will not be used for anything else. Card linking occurs on a secure American Express site. Your Card information will never be shared with Facebook.

You can also sync your Twitter account with your American Express to find even more exclusive deals. Just re-tweet the #hashtag and you're set. Complete the requirements and they basically pay part of your AMEX bill.

Remember to be safe with any credit card. A free deal today can be costly if you carry a balance and pay a high interest rate. For some great tips, check out my archived post Credit Cards: The Good, The Bad, and The Truth.


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