Free $2 Amazon MP3 Credit


You can get a free $2 MP3 credit for allowing Amazon to send a message out on your Twitter account.
Click the button below and you will:
  1. Connect your and Twitter accounts. (If you are not already signed in, you will be prompted to do so). A window will pop up when you connect your and Twitter accounts for the first time. The window will provide some information about the permissions you're giving Although these permissions allow us to post tweets for you, we will only post the following message once automatically after you click the button below: "I just got a $2 credit for music from @amazonmp3 and @imdb. Get your credit here:"
  2. Automatically follow @amazonmp3 and @imdb.
  3. A $2 credit towards purchases at Amazon MP3 will be automatically added to your Amazon account.
  4. After completing these steps successfully, browse for music at Amazon MP3, and click the "Buy MP3 album" or "Buy MP3" button.
  5. If at any time you would like to disconnect your and Twitter accounts, you can do so from the Applications tab of your settings page on Twitter.

Do not send the Tweet out yourself. Amazon must post the message for you to get the credit.


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