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Virus protection is a necessary expense for any computer owner that goes on the internet. Or is it? While having virus protection is important, it doesn't always have to cost you money. Below are just a few ways that you can protect your computer and information from nasty viruses without spending money. Remember, even Macs can contract a virus so keep safe and install an anti-virus software on your computer.

Basic Protection - If you're a casual internet user, some of the free programs on the internet might be all you need. Companies like Microsoft and AVG offer a free basic account that still includes updates to keep your computer running safe.

Rebates - Almost every week at least one of the major retailers will offer a mail-in rebate on a different virus protection program. Keep an eye out on the weekly fliers to get the free protection of your choice. Remember, the one year subscription begins when you activate the software not when you purchase it. So don't worry if you still have a few months on your current protection if you see a deal.

Internet Service Provider - I was actually surprised to learn this one. Some ISPs will provide subscribers with free virus protection. For example, Comcast customers can download Norton Security Suite for free. Check with your provider to see if they offer something similar.

School - Freshman year when I first entered the residence hall, I was handed a CD and told that I would need to run the software before my computer could be connected to the network. Most colleges have contracts to provide all students with virus protection. Check with your school's IT department to find out if they offer free virus protection. At my school, it was on the same page that you went to check your email.

Work - Similar to schools, companies don't want their entire network to crash because one person connected to the network with a virus. Therefore, many businesses provide free virus protection. Just check with your supervisor or IT department.


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