New Weekly Column on Cinemit


How to see movies for free

I am very excited to announce that I have teamed up with Cinemit to provide movie fans with a weekly column called Making Cents with Cori. Every Thursday, you can find a recap of all the weekly deals revolving around going to the movies.

Cinemit is also a great place to find free movie screenings in your area.  They are currently offering screenings on the east coast. Besides free screenings, Cinemit also offers reviews, tweet-alongs, and other great features related to movies.

I personally love their message boards because you can talk with other movie fans. People work together to help each other get passes for screening. When someone finds an upcoming movie screening, they post it on the message board so others can also get passes.

Follow Cinemit on Facebook and Twitter for to be the first to learn of new screenings.


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