Rental Textbooks from Amazon


Every years, millions of college and graduate students search the racks of the bookstores hoping to find cheap used textbooks. At the end of the semester, we sell them back to the bookstore for half (if lucky) what was originally paid.

Amazon understands the frustration that most students feel so they are going to try and reach the market by renting textbooks this year. A rental is good for 130 days, which they claim is a semester and when it's due you can ship it back for free. There are guidelines to what quality is acceptable for rental textbooks. So you might want to check out the textbook rentals FAQs.

Once you receive your book assignments, just use the textbook search engine to see the rental price. Make sure you compare this price to the used book price on Amazon and at your local store because depending on the supply and demand you might be better off buying a book. The value of the rental vs purchasing will really be on a per book basis. However you decide to get your reading material for the semester, good luck!


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