Beware of New Scams on Facebook


Facebook Offer Scams

Have you noticed that lately the number of offers that your friends are claiming seem to have increased? Have you also noticed that the company being advertised isn't the company offering the deal? That's because now anyone with a page (not person) can create an offer. While I can't create an offer from my personal page, I can create a new offer from Making Cents of It.

Each time you click one of these offers, you receive an email with a link to the actual "deal" which might not be what was actually advertised. By clicking the deal, you will also automatically share it with your friends. This is where the scam gets worse. You see your friend accepted an offer, or your friend sees that you accepted an offer, and suddenly it seems more legit.

Are all offers scams?
This is where it gets annoying because not all offers on Facebook are scams. The best way to make sure you are clicking a legitimate offer is to check the source. If a company like Dunkin' Donuts is offering free coffee, they will post the offer on their company Facebook page. A random free coffee deal is likely a scam.

Protect yourself and your friends
If you click an offer and discover it's fake, make sure you immediately delete it from your timeline. This will prevent it from posting on your friends' walls. These fake deals are spreading quickly because everyone assumes something is safe when it comes from a friend.

Report scam offers to protect others
While there is not a quick reporting method, you can report scams to Facebook through the contact us link. The more scams that are reported, the more Facebook will have to take notice of the problem and find a solution.


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