Make Money Selling on TeachersPayTeachers


Let's face it. Today is officially September which means for many teachers, summer is over. With everyone heading back to school, some teachers might be looking for a way to make some extra cash.

Teachers Pay Teachers is a great website that allows you to upload your digital materials and sell them to other teachers from around the world. I have listed a few Powerpoint templates I created for review games and already sold a few. The best part is since it's digital, there is no cost to you for printing, shipping, etc. However, just like other marketplace websites, they'll take a percentage of each sale.

While the site is designed for teachers, you don't need to be a teacher to buy or sell. So if you're a college student that has a specialty, create some educational files to sell. Biology major? Design a Powerpoint to teach parts of the cell. Graphic designer? Create some cool posters that a teacher can print out to hand in the classrooms. The possibilities are endless. Just upload your files and set your price. Teachers Pay Teachers allows you to upload anything from individual worksheets to full out semester long lesson plans.


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