Always Save Your Receipts


Almost exactly three years ago, my car wouldn't start and it turned out to be an issue with the battery. I'm very lucky I saved my receipt in the glove compartment because today when I left work I found my car stalled in the parking lot. As I waited for AAA, I thought back to when this happened. Then I thought about the fact that I remember the guy trying to upsell me on the battery but I took the cheaper one thinking that I would probably be buying a new car before the six years were up.

I pulled out the receipt and saw June 2010 so I called Pepboys and asked. The battery had a 24/72 warranty on it. This means that if it goes within 24 months it would be replaced for free but if it had 72 months it would be discounted for a replacement. After AAA jumped the battery, I drove to Pepboys and am now sitting in their waiting room while they replace my battery at a fraction of the cost.

The point of this post is to always save receipts until after the warranty expires. I purchased the battery in a different state so it wouldn't be in this store's computer. Thanks to the receipt I was able to prove the date I purchased the last battery.

I would also like to give a shout out to Kenny from AAA in Philadelphia because I was so upset sitting in a car that wouldn't start but he not only showed up quickly, he was funny and friendly as he jumped the battery and tested a few other things that might have caused the problem. If you don't already have an AAA membership it's one of my favorite money saving tips. Even if you don't drive, the AAA membership will save you money when traveling and shopping. If you do drive, they will help you 24/7 if you get stranded on the road (or parking lot).


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