Warranty Once Again Saves the Day (And Money)


I've said it before, spending a few extra dollars once can save you money in the long run. This time, I placed a claim with Camelbak after my better bottle started to leak out of the top. The bottle, which promises to be leak proof, began dripping when flipped over. You might be asking why I would flip a water bottle over, but it was in the side pouch of my backpack and would drip over me any time I bent.

I logged onto Camelbak's website and easily found the warranty on the bottom menu. I completed the form and a week later a new lid arrived in the mail. For just the lid, you didn't need to mail anything in, but if the bottle itself was broken, such as the threads that connect the lid to the bottle, you'd have to mail the old bottle in for a replacement.

Thank you to Camelbak for a great product and a good warranty. I look forward to enjoying my water bottle for many more seasons.


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