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Every so often, a movie comes along that reminds me why I started writing these reviews on Making Cents of It. I'm not a professional movie reviewer, I am a fan. As a fan, I have my own opinions. For anyone that has read my previous reviews, you'll notice a trend in the type of films I enjoy. Elysium is one of those movies I would normally have avoided from the beginning. I'm not a fan of the genre however for my readers I attended a screening and hoped for the best.

Elysium takes place over a hundred years in the future when the Earth has become polluted and over-populated. The extremely wealthy have left the planet to live on a luxurious space station. On the space station, Elysium, the rich have everything including beds that can cure all illnesses and repair injuries. The residents of Earth are desperate to access those beds.

The contrast in settings is extreme. Earth is designed to look like a run down neighborhood. It wasn't completely like a third world country but it was designed to be a place you wouldn't want to live. Elysium on the other hand was designed to look like a country club neighborhood. All the houses were large and perfect. They had robot servants that actually followed instructions, unlike other futuristic robots.

The acting in the film was alright but nothing overly special. During flashback scenes, we saw a young version of Matt Damon's character and I will say they did a great job casting the young boy. He looked like he really could be Matt Damon, or Matt Damon's son. I thought the makeup for Elysium residents was a little strange, but that was most likely the futuristic look they were going for.

The blood and guts seen throughout the battle scenes were intense and I found myself jumping out of the seat a few times. I'm glad the movie was not in 3D because I might have jumped even higher if the blood and guts flew off the screen.

My personal opinion of Elysium is that I can see people enjoying it, but it just wasn't my type of film. The trailers are accurate at showing what to expect so if you like the trailer, you might enjoy the film. As a final side note to understand my opinion, I never saw District 9, by the same director, and I never saw the Borne trilogy.

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Movie Rating for Elysium

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