Help a School By Voting in Target's Give With Target Promotion


It's back to school season and Target is running a great promotion. On Facebook, you can vote for any school in the country during their Give With Target. Each school that receives a minimum of 25 votes will receive a gift card equivalent to $1 per vote. That means that you can help a local school with just a few clicks of the mouse. You may vote once every five days for any school.

If you don't know what school to vote for, my students would love some extra supplies form Target. Tanner Duckrey Elementary serves a community where over 90% of our families live in poverty. Extra funds from Target for school supplies would be helpful in this time of a budget crisis.


Ms. Taylor, SLMS said...

Former Kakiat peeps, vote for us. Kakiat students get on and vote for our school. We need the support!

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