Book Review: I.T. Confidential by CD Rahm


I.T. Confidential by CD Rahm is a new book that takes the reader inside the fascinating word of I.T. Although categorized as a comedy, I didn't find myself laughing as I read. I did however find it to be a realistic look at the types of people that you will find in any office setting. When I first saw the author's pseudonym I expected that he wouldn't be holding anything back. I was correct and there is no co-worker left unharmed.

CD Rahm takes a realistic look at the different personalities found in an office and tries to make you feel better about yourself by realizing that sometimes you're just stuck. Do you have a boss that makes unrealistic requests and then takes the credit when you succeed? Do you have a co-worker that takes a two hour lunch and you need to pick up the slack? Any situation that you've been in, CD Rahm has been there too.

I.T. Confidential by CD Rahm is currently available for sale. It was originally released on August 29, 2013.

Book Rating for I.T. Confidential by CD Rahm

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