Get Ingredients for Four Meals for $15


Have you tried any of these dinner websites yet? I've seen a few pop up that help you create a menu and send you the ingredients needed to make the meals.

Plated is one of these new websites and the food look wonderful. For just $15 per plate, you can get everything you need to make a good dinner. Right now, you can use the promotional code 4freeplates to get four plates free. You will still need to pay the delivery fee which is $15 (might differ for other zip codes).

All recipes come in increments of two servings so you can buy either one or two different meals with this four plate promotion.

Each week, the company features different recipes. If you plan on using the site a lot, a membership is available for $10 per month and offers a $3 discount per plate. Therefore it will save you money on your fourth plate and beyond during the month.


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