Another Great Deal of New Moon


I previously told you about a great deal at Target for New Moon and Twilight in Forks.  Here is another deal that might be even better.  I say might, because Kmart doesn't seem to have prices listed yet for either movie and when I called the store they couldn't find information.  Combine the coupons from Red Plum with Kmart's $10 off $20.

Since Kmart doesn't have prices listed, but most chain stores offer similar prices I am doing the math with Target's prices.

Target's prices: New Moon = $16.99 Twilight in Forks = $9.99  Total = $26.98

Using the $3 off Twilight in Forks and $5 off New Moon and Twilight in Forks coupons from Red Plum you will save $8.  Add the $10 off $20 on top of that.

Final Price = $8.98

Not a bad deal for two movies.  Please note that Blu-Ray should work with the coupons and will work with the Target gift card, but your final price will be higher.


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