Two Cases of Paper with a $0.40 Profit



This week on you can get two cases of paper, 20 reams, for as little as $0.40 back.

HammerMill Copy Plus Paper (item number 122374-QJ) is on sale this week and with some coupon codes that are good only online you will get them for such a great price you'll want to buy two cases.  Good thing too, because there is a limit of two rebates per person.

To find the correct product on the website, I recommend using the item number in the search feature.  Once on the item page, add two to your cart.  When you reach your cart, enter the coupon code 47617 which will take $5 off each case.  This coupon code is the reason you want to shop online for this deal.  You will not get the $5 off in the store.

The tricky part to this deal is shipping.  Shipping is always free if you have it sent to your local store so that is an option but there are ways to get free shipping to your door as well.  Reward members get free shipping online and everyone else can get free shipping when their purchase is over $50.

Your total out of pocket cost for two cases will be $39.98 (plus tax).  Then the fun begins.
  • Staples reward card holders will get $7.58 back at the end of the quarter in their reward check.  You must earn $10 to get your reward check or it will expire at the end of the quarter.  (see for more information)
  • There is a mail-in rebate for $16 ($32 for both)
  • eBates' members can get an additional 2% back, $0.80.  New members will get $5 with their first purchase.
After all your rebates and cash back your final cost for two cases of paper will be a profit of $0.40 with new eBate members will make a $5.40 profit.  Without the eBates' cash back, the two cases will cost $0.40.

Using the same codes, you can get one case for $0.20 after rebates and cash back but it might be harder to get the free shipping to your home.

Update: The amount you get back from Staples might differ slightly from the amount listed on the product page because of the $5 coupon.  It can also differ depending on the type of account you have.  Amount back might differ slightly but tends to be 10% on paper.  The case might earn $0.50 less in rewards because of the $5 coupon.

Source: Give Me Neither,


Anonymous said...

FYI, the manager at our Staples told us that even though the rewards have an expiration on them--corporate told them to take them no matter what.

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