Money Making Deals on Video Games


These two deals have to be some of the greatest deals I've seen in a while. You can make a profit by buying and selling video games.

Amazon currently has Your Shape for the Wii on sale for  $18.50, which by itself is a great price, around $50 everywhere else.  If you trade it in to Best Buy, you will get a Best Buy gift card for $25 or a check for $16.  If you have any upcoming purchases at Best Buy, this is a great way to get some extra money towards your purchase.

Another deal through Amazon is Glory of Heracles for Nintendo DS.  This game is priced at $10.99 but has two promotions attached to it.  The first promotion is for $10 off a future video game purchase on Amazon and the second promotion is $5 credit for MP3 purchases.  To make this even better, you can then trade the game in to a used game store.

Source: Common Sense With Money


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