Possible Free (Or Really Cheap) Entertainment Book


Today only, Entertainment is having a sale for $12.  These books are location specific so make sure you enter your zip code so you get the correct book.  The 2010 book expires in December 2010, but there is still plenty of time to use the coupons.

Depending on your location the coupons do differ, but most likely you will find fast food, local restaurants, entertainment, stores, and more.  You can also get discounts on hotels and rental cars if you are planning a vacation.

There are a few different purchasing options right now for the Entertainment book to make the most of this $12 sale.  Whichever way you choose, the book will still cost $12 today, but you will get money back.

1.  Entertainment.com - $12 (no money back)
2.  eBates
  • New Member -$3 (25%) + $5 (new member) = $8 back, Final Cost = $4
  • Returning Member - $3 (25%) = $3 back, Final Cost = $9
3.  ShopAtHome
  • New Member - $7 + $5 (new member) = $12 back, Final Cost = Free
  • Returning Member - $7 = $7 back, Final Cost = $5
4.  MyPoints - 750 Points (1,550 points needed for $10 gift card)

Disclaimer: While ShopAtHome has the lowest price, I have never personally used that site and cannot vouch for their reliability or payouts.


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