Free Travel First Aid Kits


Johnson & Johnson has released a new coupon for $3 off any two Johnson & Johnson Red Cross brand products.  The travel first aid kits, normally found near the trial size products, are priced around $1 so you can easily get two for free.

Update: I just returned from Target and found an even better deal for this coupon.  When you purchase three Johnson & Johnson items from a specific set (they're labeled on the shelf) you can get a free bag to store your homemade first aid kit.  This scenario will depend on how your store deals with coupon overage.  I purchase one box of band-aids at $1.82, two packages of gauze at $1.52 each ($2.04 total), and one first aid kit at $0.96 for a total of $5.82.  I was also able to get the free case because the band-aids and gauze were part of the promotion.  The cashier took the full value of each coupon leading to me walking out without paying for anything.

Source: Common Sense with Money


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