New Mobile Address for Easy Access


I have created a link which will direct you to a bare bones feed of current posts.  This will allow for faster loading than the graphic and widget filled page you see on the computer.

As you will see in the screenshots from my phone (Blackberry Storm), posts will show in a list format by date.  Depending on your phone, reading the posts might be different.  On the Storm, I clicked the title and the article opened as seen in the screenshot.

I also tested the new link on my friend's Blackberry Curve.  On her phone, when you clicked the title you were given the option to read the article or read the description.  If you receive a similar option, click for the description.  Clicking read the article will open the original blog page.

For now you can only view posts in this list by date.  In the future, I will try to find a way for you to sort posts by labels or a search feature.


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