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Earlier this week, I told you about my favorite smartphone app, Poynt. After making that post, I realized that sometimes it's hard to determine which apps are worth downloading. So here are a few of the most popular free apps for the Droid.. Additionally I found a website FAAD (Free App a Day), which showcases a new app each day and provides it for free the day it's featured.  It seems to be designed for the iPhone, but has a link for Droid apps as well.

I do not have an Droid so I am basing this list off of a few different Google searches.

Facebook - I believe Facebook comes pre-loaded on most of the phones, but if not you should download it. This app is great because besides updating your status, you can use it to find phone numbers or email addresses of your friends if they have the information on their profile.

Magic Eight Ball - Now you can use your phone to make predictions. Just ask yes or no questions and you'll be able to see the future.

Pandora - Turn your phone into a digital radio. You choose an artist and the software will create a personalized station with similar music.

Paper Toss - Sit back, relax, and throw some paper into the garbage.

Schwartz Unsheathed - Turn your droid into a lightsaber. Just don't try to attack any stormtroopers because it's just virtual.

Skype - I'm a huge fan of Skype and use it to stay in touch with my friends through group conversations. Being able to take these conversation windows on the road is a great benefit. I've never used Skype to make actual phone calls, but from what I understand you can use the Skype app to save money if you need to make an international call.

I also created posts for the Blackberry and iPhone.  Now it's your turn. Please share which apps you have downloaded and love.


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