My DJ Hero HouseParty: After the Party Experiences


I have been selected to host my first party through  This post will serve as the third of three relating to the experience.  I will chronicle the hosting experience through the three posts, saving it as a draft between typing until I post it for you.  This way you do not have a ton of DJ Hero posts.

The three posts in this series are:
  1. Before the Party Experiences
  2. Party Day
  3. After the Party Experiences
My friends have left and the party is over.  So what happens now?  This post will talk about the procedures that will happen after hosting the party.

August 2, 2010
I received an email explaining that while the party was over, the conversations were still going on.

August 3, 2010
I received an email asking me to complete a short survey about the DJ Hero House Party experience.  The questions included ranking different aspects of the experience from one to ten and answering a few short questions about my likes and dislikes of the hosting experience.  There was also a few questions asking for suggestions for future parties.

August 5, 2010
Another survey was sent to me through an email. This time, I was asked to forward it on to my party guests so that they could comment on the House Party experience.

At this point, I think my after the party obligations are over. If I do receive any future emails, I will edit this post to include them. Thank you all for joining me in this House Party experience.

This post is going to be linked on the resource post for future reference.


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