Possible Problem with Weekly Cinema


Please be advised that there is a possible problem with Weekly Cinema. Before I post details I am waiting for them to respond and hopefully let us know that it's all been a big misunderstanding.

Until things are clarified, I would like to recommend that you DO NOT purchase any movie ticket packages on deal sites like Groupon and KGB Deals.  The problem is not with the deal sites, but with the redemption site.

UPDATE: After multiple emails to Weekly Cinema, my Groupon was finally redeemed correctly. At this point, I would like to highly recommend that if you are going to purchase a package like this, please print the original deal so you have proof of what you purchased.

My Groupon stated either Fandango or MovieTickets.com and up to $14 but when I finally got a reply from Weekly Cinema, they originally redeemed it for Fandango for only up to $10. I wrote back and attached a scan of the original deal, and they updated my account with four movietickets.com codes for up to $14.

While the process was annoying, I would like to thank Weekly Cinema for working to correct the situation because the promotion is a great deal. I would also like to remind everyone that the problem was with the redemption, not the deal sites.

I received the following reply from Groupon regarding the problems with redemption:
I apologize for the trouble. We are aware of this issue and are working closely with Weekly Cinema. They are working on expanding their call center to field all the calls and customers so you can redeem your Groupon properly. They have given us every indication that they are working quickly to service everyone. Again, thank you for your patience and understanding in this issue.


Rachel said...

Have you seen what is up at their website now? It says this and this only:

Thank you for visiting Weekly Cinema.

The future of Weekly Cinema is under review. While this review is being performed, we are not able to process or redeem movie ticket coupons. We are working with our deal site partners to achieve a refund for the unused movie tickets and promo codes in your Weekly Cinema account in an amount of up to the price paid for each of the unused movie ticket coupons.

A Hotline phone number to provide additional information about Weekly Cinema is being set up. Please provide your Weekly Cinema email in the box below if you would like us to email you when an update is available.
Otherwise, check the site later today for further updates.

Cori said...

Thanks for the update Rachel, I have posted an update http://www.makingcentsofit.com/2010/11/bad-news-if-you-have-weekly-cinema.html regarding the site. Luckily Groupon is working with us, to get refunds for anyone that purchased packages.

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