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We all know that your level of education is proportional to your earning potential. So why not further you education while sitting at home? Distance learning classes are a great way for stay at home moms and full-time employees to take classes on their own schedules.

Ashworth College is just one in a long line of schools offering you an Online College through distance learning. The flexible scheduling and self-paced curriculum allows you to schedule your classes around your hectic life.

I have never heard of Ashworth College but I did look at their website prior to writing this post. Their tuition includes all of your course material, including any text books you might require. The tuition rates vary depending on the course level, but when I looked at the undergraduate rate, it was $80 per credit which would make a three credit class (average college class) only $240 per class. My textbooks for a single class cost about that so it looks like a good deal.

If you are currently in school, check with your transfer services to see if they accept credits from Ashworth because it might be a great way to get ahead without giving up your vacations. I spent my summers at the local community college but would have loved to sit out by the pool with my laptop instead. 

The Ashworth Video Gallery features interviews with current and past students so that you can see what real people think about the programs.  You can also read that Ashworth College Featured by National Education Report to learn more about the school.

Ashworth offers over 100 types of degrees and programs so if you’re thinking about going back to school, check out the classes and programs they offer to see if it’s a fit for you.  Online classes are a great way to take classes with your hectic schedule.  Just think about it.  You can come home from work, enjoy your dinner, and then take a class or two.  College degrees can open many doors for you, so see what they have to offer.

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