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Who said that romance is dead? After the vampires proved that it was worth waiting for your true love, Warm Bodies proves that love is truly a powerful emotion. Loosy based off the novel, Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, the audience enters R's inner monologue to see what life as a zombie is really like.

Warm Bodies begins with a short introduction to the current world. We learn that most of humanity was destroyed and that the remaining humans were forced to live behind a giant wall with a military type mentality. Occasionally a group of armed humans is forced to leave the safety of the wall to find supplies, such as food and medicine, in the ruins of their old city.

As a zombie, R doesn't really speak more than a few mumbled words but the story is mainly told through his inner dialogue. It was interesting that someone who couldn't speak had such a fluid speech in his mind. As the movie progresses R begins to remember how to speak.

The sets were designed to be a post-apocalyptic world. While you see things like destroyed buildings and abandoned cars, you also see perfectly preserved homes that look like they were quickly abandoned in panic. Based on the age and memories of characters, it seems that the entire zombie apocalypse took less than a year to reach the current state of the film.

The acting in this film had some winners and some losers. Nicholas Hoult, as R, did an amazing job of showing emotion while still appearing emotionless. Unfortunately I felt the opposite of his co-lead, Teresa Palmer as Julie. Her character should have been much more alive yet she seemed stiff.

My personal opinion of this film is that you should give it a chance. It's hard to explain what I liked about the film but I did leave with a satisfying feeling. The story was familiar yet original at the same time. It was interesting how we were able to see the growth of a character. The film also demonstrated a political statement about stereotyping and preconceived hatred.

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Movie Rating for Warm Bodies

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