Why More Companies Are Finally Making K-Cups


Recently, more and more companies have been introducing new single serve coffee products. Have you noticed generic brands of coffee for your Keurig brewer? That's because in September 2012, the patent on k-cups expired. This means that other companies can now produce the product without paying a royalty to Green Mountain Coffee (parent company of Keurig).

For you, the consumer, this is great news because it means a few things. First it means more variety and choices. Second it means lower prices. Business 101 proves that competition drives prices down. While your favorite brands might not come down in price, other brands and flavors will flood the market. 

While your favorite stores and coffee brands can now create single serve products, they can't use the name k-cups. The patent on technology might have expired but the copyright and trademark on the name k-cups has not. This is why these new products are being advertised as "single serve coffee for the Keurig brewers." Only companies that pay GMC can use the term k-cup on the packaging.

To know that the single serve product you are purchasing will work in the Keurig brewer, just make sure that the picture looks correct. The package should, but might not, mention that the coffee is for use in a Keurig brewer. Enjoy your lower costing, but still delicious coffee.


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